Royal Wedding: Make-up by Gold

From a pale, a little reddish-faced princess (it was a bit hot that day) to a radiant yellow-carpet-worthy looking Queen, two thumbs up for Gold Sergio-Magtoto for making me truly stunning!

I had several make-up artists in mind when King thought of Gold. She is a friend from Victory Pioneer where King and I met. He texted Gold, and Gold gladly gave us a special package! What a darling!

Gold did well in using neutrals to open up my eyes. I totally love the falsies! She let me choose from three different falsies, but we both loved the thick, long one. I actually love the drama a simple addition brings!

Lipstick=Indispensable! Maybe because my lips are really pale. By the way, have you ever wondered how to make the color stay? Simple, Gold made use of Lip Liner as base! Fool-proof, smart and awesome. She then coated it with a lipstick of the same color.

Some tips from Gold:

  • Start a beauty regimen at least a month before the wedding.
  • No need, as in NO NEED, to get your eyelashes extended.
  • Get your nails done the day before your wedding. This will avoid polish chip offs.
  • Get pampered on the day before your wedding. Get a spa maybe. 🙂
  • Shower five hours before the actual event. An hour before preps.
  • Use lotion, matching your preferred perfume. It will help make the scent stay.
  • Go for Airbrush (make-up)!
  • To avoid lipstick getting on your teeth, (after putting lipstick) put the index finger in between your lips (middle part) and slowly pull your finger out.

For inquiries, you may contact Gold at 0922-811-GOLD or visit and


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