Royal Vacations: Cebu City

Third time in Cebu. First time with King – Love it!

While King attended the Life Box Staff Summit, I had the chance to put my feet up and unwind a bit. 🙂

Trip Highlights:

1. Larsian – We arrived in Cebu right on time for lunch.  So, we headed to Larsian, right at the heart of Fuente, a food arcade known for barbecues. The place wasn’t really nice (I think it’s better at nighttime), honestly. But the experience, priceless! There were no spoons, no forks, not even areas to wash our hands. How to eat? Plastic gloves were provided for our enjoyment. haha

2. Ayala Mall – Cebu is like Makati down south. Offices… Ayala Mall. A lot has changed since the last time I went here.

3. Moon Cafe – After Ayala, we went straight to Asia IT Park for dinner. You’ll surely won’t miss this restaurant at The Walk. Known for its Mexican-Filipino fusion, I surely had a good moon steak experience.

4. La Marea – Located at The Walk, it’s one yummy place for desserts. I forgot the

name of the chocolate cake we ate, but the taste… unforgettable!

4. AAs Barbecue – Brunch before we left for Mactan. AA’s is known for grilled food. To start the experience, guests are to choose from fresh meats, and can either have them grilled or cooked in whatever way (I don’t know the options.. at least I remember I had my Shrimp Sinigang). I like it coz with no doubt they serve them fresh.

5. BE Resort – Our home for 3 days.  I heart the  hotel – rooms, crafted chairs designed by Cebuanos…  #ItsMoreFuninThePhilippines


Surely… We’ll be back on May… For Casa Verde, Lechon Arcade, and more experiences. 🙂


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