Royal Party: Planning a Nautical Party

With less than a week to plan, here’s my take on planning an intimate nautical dinner for my birthday last May (late post sorry).

THEME. A concept that would go well with our house (the beach house) was the first thing I had to decide on.

Princess Ariel, The Little Mermaid? Age inappropriate I thought. I don’t want to be having a tea party in mermaid tail with my mermaid friends.

Beach? Set design would be too expensive.

Santorini-ish? My personal fave but too wedding-ish.

Then I landed on Nautical. Red, Blue, White. Mature enough and easy to design.

DECOR. I asked my cousin, Kate, for a creative helping hand. Using Yarns, Cartolina Papers, and glue stick (for a total of less than Php 200), we came up with Sailor Paper Hats, tiny paper boat decors, and awesome nautical banners. We also found a nice sea waves blanket we used as a carpet, beside King’s wakeboard.

ATTIRE. Of course we should blend in. Each wore her nautical-inspired clothing. 😀

FOOD. Seafood obviously is the best option. But considering our stocks? Red Wine… Pastas… I went ahead with red meat. Army Navy do serve beef anyway. For appetizers, I just served the usual fruits and nuts platter, and not-so-healthy chips on the side. For dinner, we had red sauce pasta, steak, and a glass of wine! The nights’ highlight… Choco Fondue (my first try to make ever). Tastes like Flat Tops though. Not sure if that’s good. 😛  .

GIVE-AWAY. This one’s unplanned. With so much food left, everyone had enough packed meal to take home plus sweet goodies waiting to be taken home from our fridge. 🙂

Thanks “Curls” for celebrating with me!


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