Note To My Brother: I’ll Make a Horrible Sister-in-Law…

… IF AND ONLY IF God will not be at the center of your future relationship.

DEAREST William,

Or “God’s Will” as we joke. It’s not that I don’t trust you when it’s about riding the love train and in finding God’s one. It’s not that I am not ready for it. BUT my dream gave me an impression that everything that was happening aren’t in line with God’s timing.


My brother, a Deutsche Analyst for a year now, 23 years old, NO GIRLFRIEND, got engaged! YES, ENGAGED!!! He proposed faster than Dwayne Johnson in his movie “Faster”.

SCENE 1: In my dream (haha I have to consistently remind), my brother posted something like “Hi guys, you may watch my proposal video here”. Weird weird weird. They were in pink Taekwondo uniforms with some friends, and the video shows my brother in his fighting stunt.

Evil Sister-in-Law-to-be Act 1: I left a comment saying, “I DON’T LIKE!!!! AND NEVER WILL!!!”

SCENE 2: A formal dinner, brother’s Fiancée in deep blue plain dress, shows her diamond ring that looks like my engagement ring. Fiancée’s face isn’t visible. Haha

Evil Sister-in-Law-to-be Act 2: I stood up, and shouted, “How dare you! You bought a ring that looks the same as mine!!!” then walked out.

The ending of it isn’t clear. But there’s one thing I am sure of, and I repeat… I will make a horrible sister-in-law IF God will not be at the center of my brother’s or my cousin’s or my anaks’ (close friends we treat as our kids) or my Prince’s relationships.

Oh and I have to clarify, I don’t think I can act rudely the same way I was portrayed in my dream 😛


Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12


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