When Our Little Prince Decided to Welcome 2013 With Us


I woke up that morning feeling so excited to finally start preparing our little kingdom for our little Prince, having finished ALL my events for 2012. At 11 AM, we were done with the Baby registry! But little did I know that a huge surprise will be up our way the following day – we were originally expecting his birth by early February 2013.


1 AM I started feeling quite weird with my desire to go the bathroom.

5 AM Have been visiting the bathroom – thrice already – for constant stomach contractions.

9 AM Noticed a blood dropped down there. I still had no clue that I was already in labor.

Love (King), Panic mode!

Define Emergency. King stood up really slow. Went to the Bathroom. Read a bit thinking it might be a false alarm. Around 10 mins after, he walked out the bathroom, then brushed his teeth. Uhmmm. Hello?

9.45 AM In the hospital. In front the Delivery Room. Contractions every 2 minutes got more intense.

Should we knock & greet ˙Happy New Year˙?

10.20 AM Prince˙s out at 36 weeks.

20130313-180041.jpg 3 Weeks at the NICU
20130313-180209.jpg Happy at 1 month
20130313-180333.jpg A morning with Mommy at 2 months
20130313-180449.jpg Look! I can hold my bottle already!

PS, I honestly felt worried at first, but God is really faithful to make our little Prince catch up that fast as if he wasn’t born a little early as expected.


For this I will PRAISE you among the nations, and SING to your name. Psalm 18:49


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