Feb-ibig Special: The Greatest Love Story Ever Written (Taglish)

While the castle is in deep sleep, the Queen, having drunk one strong coffee that helped her fight the curse of the needle, decided to write the Best Love Story Everrr… (Drumroll, Prince)

“Ang Walang ‘Kakemekemeng’ Kwentong Pag-ibig ni King at Nica”!!!

Syempre, love your own.

As my good friend, the lord T. would say, walang halong drama. Though ironically, King came from a business of lights, camera, and chismis.

There were no new haircuts, kasi naubos na lang sila.

There were no soul-finding travels, kasi walang budget.

There were no grandiloquent heart-warming words, kasi hindi kami poetic.

There were no exchanges of love letters, please refer above. I also find them makalat after.

There were no long long long long long long long long long years involved, kasi wala talaga.


Anong Hanap Mo Te’?

Back in College, I attended a Youth Camp where we wrote down the Non-Negotiable and Negotiable traits we want our future husbands to have – eto yung listahan na sana lahat ng babae meron. Para naman sa susunod na may magtanong kung pwede silang “mas” makilala, eh alam agad ang isasagot, para walang aasa. Out of 15 on my list, 3 were non-negotiable. Finally, I had a guide. Finally, nagkaroon naman ng standard si ate. Finally, I decided to be the standard as well.

After some time, a friend invited me to Victory. He invited me to their youth leaders meeting (na dapat talaga ay para sa leaders lang nila). Glad I joined (at nakalusot). I noticed this guy who you can’t miss because of his ghostly white complexion and perfect-10 nose. Pasok agad sa banga… 2 down, 1 trait to go! “Kuya King”, who was also there for the first time, was introduced. He’s a campus missionary daw… thus completing my 3 non-negotiable traits!

I was then introduced to the group by Marc, my friend who invited me. King was like, “Uy, cute yun ha. Kaso may boyfriend na (referring to Marc).” Assuming si kuya pero carry lang, estudyante parin naman ako that time.


From Crushie to Hubby

So King became my official not-so-serious crushie. Parang ka level niya lang si Brad Pitt at Christian Bautista nun. Yung parang crush mo pero parang star lang – up above the world so high. But God made way and led us to the same singles group. Being the only graphic designer in the group, he obviously needed me. Haha. We had a supposedly group meeting in Shakey’s to discuss a project for the Youth Ministry. Yun pala ako na yata ang project! No one showed up! What great friends we have! So, King and I had a chance to talk about our Non-Negotiable’s… sa dinami dami ng pwedeng pag-usapan. Siguro sinadya niya. Haha

By the way, I didn’t tell him na gusto ko ng Missionary noh. Tip: Wag masyadong hard sell.

After months of friendship, Sept 2009, he laid down his intentions. Kaso hindi niya nasabi ng maayos at hindi ko nagets. So after a week, inulit niya ang tanong niya. At matapos lahat ng pagpapakipot, November 21, 2009, we officially became together. Like all couples, we had flaws and issues. But we saw that God is in control.

December 2010, we got engaged. And on June 6, 2011, I officially became Mrs. Reyes. From a Princess, I became a Queen. God gave me someone better than a knight in shining armour; he gave me a King! A true-blue (Bosconian Blue) leader who can pacify, guide and pamper me well. He’s worth the wait – kahit na maiksi lang yung pag-aantay ko.

Love you King very much!!!



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