Royal Party: Prince’s 1th Royal Bash

“Oneth sounds more regal”. Credits to our awesome hosts, Ninongs Aren and Icko.

First born, first birthday, first home… Last December 28, 2013, the King and I threw a Royal Birthday Bash for our little Prince in our new kingdom. There were lots of firsts that day, making it a family affair to remember.

Invitation and Family Crest

I never did so much DIY in my entire life. For the love of Prince and for the experience, I gave it a try.

Let’s start with the invitation. To set the expectation of what the party would be like, I created a medieval scroll invite. I scouted Tabora, Divisoria for these wooden sticks at Php6/each, and ribbons at PHP80/roll. I used acid-free parchment paper for the body because I intend to keep it for years in a time capsule. More details below.


The King and I also made our official family crest.  This basically reflects what our family values.


  • Cross: Christian Faith.
  • Lion: Bravery, Strength, Ferocity and Valour
  • Fleur de lis: Purity
  • Bars: Honour


  • Gules (Red): Warrior, Martyrdom
  • Or (Gold): Generosity
  • Azure (Blue): Truthfulness, Honesty, Loyalty

Palace Décor


Faithful to our Family Crest, I played around with Blue, Red and Yellow colors.

Planning Tip: Work on a single overall theme. I apply this in planning ALL my events. Focusing on a single theme not only produces a “pinteresting” result but also makes conceptualizing and coordinating easier.

Tita Celia of Jaberina Catering did a great job in dressing up the venue and in serving a sumptuous feast.  Our dear friend Elaine did awesome in making the castle entrance arc (photo below)! I’m also blessed with Tita Lian Detita of Hue Brothers Enterprise who produced all the printed items, making the event personal.

To further add regal touch, I got acrylic cocktail glasses, chevron loot bags, and a 5-Tier Cupcake Tower from Celebrations Party Central, Powerplant.

The cake also played a HUGE role – the celebration wouldn’t be complete without it. Thanks to Chef Alex of Croque Café + Bakery.


The Royal Garments


Look, we have one happy baby!

For my little Prince Charming, nothing’s more perfect than this reasonably priced red romper from Mommyslist, for only Php640 (probably around Php 800 now. Probably). It has resemblance with what Cinderella’s and Princess Kate’s princes were wearing on their BIG days. It’s cotton cloth material is safe for toddler’s delicate skin, and it’s cute suit (attached to the romper) made it more formal and look like it’s worth hundreds extra.

I also made a felt cloth crown to match his outfit. Felt cloths are available at Carolina’s Lace Shop at Php180/yard.

Oh, obviously, I decided to wear the theme. I got my Birdcage veil at Php80 each in 168 Mall, Divisoria. I bought blue ones for the Ninangs (Godmothers) too, that served as thank you gifts at the same time.  For King and the Ninongs (Godfathers), I found crowns at PHP 35 each. Rates are in wholesale.

Piñata and Time Capsule


More DIYs!!! I can’t have enough. haha

To complete the Medieval kingdom experience, we slayed the dragon! Here’s how to make a dragon piñata.

Guests were also asked to fill in a message card for Prince, which we put in his Time Capsule, to be given on his 21st birthday.

Wishes Card

What’s Inside his Time Capsule?

  • Hospital bills, wrist and incubator tags
  • First receiving blanket and set of clothes
  • Favorite toy
  • First pair of shoes
  • Disney Junior Magazine 2013
  • First Christmas bib
  • First birthday invitation, crown and outfit
  • Message cards
  • First birthday gift tags

Other Suppliers:

Photographer: Duke Rodriguez | +632 917 207 6747

Photobooth: Leo Redublo of Xpressions Photobooth

Lights and Sounds: NT Prime Audio | +632 917 838 5502

Queen momma sure had a great time planning this. All those DIYs are indeed S-U-L-I-T! (getting more than what you paid for.. haha). I also honor my husband, King, for helping me make this event possible!!!

I think it’s safe to conclude now that first birthdays are not for the celebrant, but for the parents. Frankly, the kid won’t remember anything. Rather, it’s the parents who are celebrating and sharing their little joy to the whole world.

Need a planning checklist? Drop me some love!

Til the next event,



19 thoughts on “Royal Party: Prince’s 1th Royal Bash

    1. Hi Sis Katrina. 🙂 Sa Siena Park Residences Clubhouse Bicutan siya. Just let me know if you want to check pag may event ka. You’ll need sponsorship kasi. 🙂

  1. Wow. You guys have a family crest. Very royal indeed. Happy birthday to your little prince!

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