Royal Party: Ribbit! Ribbit! It’s a Toad-ler Party

Invite 2ndIf #DanielPrinceReyes’ “1th” Royal Bash (see it here) was about who we are as a family, his 2nd birthday was ALL ABOUT HIM! We put together the things he loves.

The outcome? A TOAD-ALLY fun, intimate, and memorable party.


The Toad-lers


We wanted to see Prince interact and play with kids his age and close his age. Well, this is the best, most tamed, but not-so-complete photo we have.


Working on a tight budget can be really tricky. But good planning, a little creativity, sticking to the theme, and being content can go a long way.


We brought Prince’s swim ball for the other Toad-lers to enjoy. We were blessed to have found a frog bubble machine from Toys R’ Us at less than PHP500… a great buy for it saved us adults from manual labor!


Instead of hiring a caterer, we just rented out tables (with cloths) and chairs and ordered food trays from CCME Home Made Food Stuff. And for royal refreshments, King and my brother, (Prince) William, his real name, mixed a Blue-Green Lemonade. A good decision, I must say.

Oh, and I bought the paper plates and cups, Buntings, and Balloons from party shops at Lucky China Town Annex. 🙂


To add delight to the Frog Prince, I set-up a candy bar based on the “Frog Prince” fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers. We had Golden Ball Chocolates, Frog (Hershey’s) Kisses, Swamp (Gummy) Worms, and other green candies. The Cake is by Little Tuffet House of Mugs and Cakes.


I drew a frog for the only game I had in mind which we weren’t able to play (it was supposed to save me in case the program-less event get’s boring… well, there’s absolutely no need to. haha), pin the Kiss and Crown.

For the giveaways, I got this Frog chair from Saizen (Japan Home) at PH88 each, and added some green and frog goodies.

3Pardon the just-woke-up look.

It was a toad-ally unforgettable day at the swamp. In fact, it was so momentous that he sings “Happy Birthday” every time he sees a photo of this event even until today!

Ribbit Ribbit,



15 thoughts on “Royal Party: Ribbit! Ribbit! It’s a Toad-ler Party

  1. Super sulit! I’m surprised that the toad chair was only P88!

    When my daughter turned 1 my in-laws were mainly in charge of her birthday. But now that she’s about to turn 2 I’m already trying to get ideas on what to do for her party and, though I won’t exactly be doing a “Frog Prince” theme at least I have ideas na on how others have done it before me. I need to remember the most important part, too: stick to the theme!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Haha, Toadler, I love that. That is a unique theme. I see themes like safari or underwater world, but just a specific animal like frog. That is so cool and your Toadler is so cute.

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