Feeling Unappreciated, Forgotten and Jealous?

The kingdom’s finally at rest, but not for Cinderella.

Laundry and emails piling up, white floor and hope now dappled, kitchen and hair all messed up. And to catch a breath, this work-at-home-super-mom resorts to checking her social media account not realizing that this seemingly plain move will awaken the least expected of her – an ugly, gruesome, foolish beast.


The Beast in Me

All my friends are out and no one even bothered inviting me.
I’m giving my best in helping others, yet there’s not a single pat of appreciation or encouragement.
The introvert in me tries hard to be awkwardly friendly, yet it seems like people are pushing me away.
I’m trying to wait patiently for that promotion, yet I don’t see any sign of it coming.
I’m working on becoming a good mom, yet I am condemned for my unique parenting style

Woman, what’s wrong with you?


The Beauty of the Cross

But then I realized that if there’s one person in this world who has the right to complain, that would be Jesus. He came to save, free his people, love the unloved, yet He was condemned, disowned, shamed, mocked, and crucified. But inspite of all the insults and doubts, he rose to life proving who He is. And he still chose to love this callused, hard-headed, stiff-necked people.

Looking at the cross, I have to remind myself again and again that:

  • I am a victor. Christ conquered death, so I can conquer all my insecurities and hardships. He was thinking of me! I am special, and I am worth far more than rubies (Proverbs 31:10). Unappreciated, no more!
  • I ought to love and forgive… and never tire from doing so. If people reject me, it’s not me that they’re rejecting but the God I am representing. If people reject me, it will not be my loss, but theirs. If people reject me, it’s cool, I forgive them. If people reject me, the Lord will take care of me (Psalms 27:10). Forgotten, no more!
  • I am unique, thus I am handpicked for a purpose. I may not see it now, but I am confident that as I stick to the cross, I will be guided well. In no time, I will see that unique purpose God has appointed me and my family to accomplish (Jeremiah 1:5). Jealous, no more!

Keep Calm Wear His Crown

Now, I just have to Keep Calm and Wear His Crown. And be reminded that I am not defined by what I do, what I think about myself, definitely not by what others think of me, but WHO HE IS.

And PS: After writing this, I saw that there are far more great things in life to be grateful for. It’s just a matter of changing perspectives.


I choose to be happy,



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