Review: Face It Aqua UV Color Control Cream SPF 50++, PA+++

Hey, I just found the PERFECT CC Cream for me! Must share! MUST SHARE!

I’ve always had a problem with Korean brands matching my skin tone. I know most Filipinas can relate. I’ve tried Blemish Balms (BB) Creams from brands like Face Shop and Etude House, and a Color Correcting (CC) Translucent Cream (the so-called “Universal Shade” that adapts to all skin colors) from Missha. Sadly, none of them matched my warm fair skin tone inspite of me getting the tube closest to my tone. And to double the terrible, some of them with really high SPF had high photo reflectors. Flash photography? Must hide!

Why not stick to foundations?

Here’s why. BB Creams are all-in-one products with added vitamins that serve as moisturizer, SPF cream and foundation (nuh just tints for most). They feel light on the face, obviously healthier than the usual foundations, and they cut down time in prepping your canvas for makeup. It’s suited for on-the-go moms or women like me. CC Creams, on the other hand, are like BB Creams BUT they lasts way longer, evens out skin tone, hydrates, targets hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, blotchiness and anti-aging, and defies age. WOW right?

Obviously, with all these benefits, I ain’t buying any BB Cream soon, nor will I wear foundation every single day.

So, presenting the BEST CC Cream EVER!

Say Hello to Face Shop’s FACE it Aqua UV CC Cream. It promises to have “skin cooling agents and 100% ice plant water for intensive hydration” and “lightweight, aqua soft texture (that) stays put long against sweat and sebum”.


Price: 4/5

My brother was scheduled to fly to Korea, so my mom and I dragged him to Face Shop to look for products he can buy for us. Pasalubong, yay. That time, FaceShop just launched this product, and oh dear, It’s quite expensive! Gladly, my brother was able to buy one from Korea at half price. Yay!

But for the quality, I think it’s just reasonably priced.

BPackaging: 3/5

It’s quite bulky for me; maybe because I prefer those in tube or bottles with pumps. It’s size is equivalent to two (2) regular compact powders combined. Well, I should be happy; bigger container means more product. But since it comes with a mirror, a CC puff and its container looks sturdy, I think it’s ok then. Plus, it’s refillable. Hooray!

CCoverage: 5/5

The Coverage is PERFECT! It has full coverage that is amazingly comparable to foundation. I went out to teach make-up, it was raining, had vehicle problem… Yet, it totally kept its promise. I felt light and hydrated, and looked matte whole day without touch-ups. For real.

Color Compatibility: 5/5

I got 02 Natural Beige. It’s so perfect I’m in awe.


OVERALL: 4.25/5

Yes, I will suggest this to a friend,

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31 thoughts on “Review: Face It Aqua UV Color Control Cream SPF 50++, PA+++

    1. I’m actually into creams now. They’re buildable and gives fuller coverage without looking cakey. 😛 It’s a must try. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

  1. how much is it at Faceshop? if they have the right shade for my skin, I might try it as well 🙂

  2. I just recently discovered BB creams and didn’t even have a clue about CC creams! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Well maybe it’s time for an upgrade. hehe. CC Creams are way better than BB creams. And like BB Creams, they don’t take up much prep time. 🙂

  3. Is this available here in the philippines as you said that you had your sibling buy it from korea pa… :3 Love how it looks on your skin though, you look flawless! how long does it last for the weather conditions here in the Philippines?

  4. I have yet to try this! I agree that it’s hard to look for a BB/CC cream that fits the Filipina skin. Somehow I either end up too white or greyish!

  5. I think this product is worth a try! Time to visit The Face Shop for some shopping time 😉


  6. Nice! I don’t know anything about BB creams, but I am convinced to get it na! 🙂 Honestly, I had to look at the picture twice or three times just to check the selfie after 12hours! Super fresh pa rin!

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