Fifth to Forever: A DIY Post-Wedding Video

Traveling is fun, traveling with your special someone is exciting, and the documenting part, should be interesting. So to drift away from the usual selfies, groupies, and other –ies, My King and I took on the DIY Video challenge. A first, and, though we need more practice, surely not the last.

Venue: Astoria Palawan. I really love this hotel resort. Though a bit far from the town center (which meant it was quite costly to get here from Puerto Princesa airport), this is perfect if you want to solely relax. The waterpark was still under construction, the food was good, the rooms were great, the beach was awesome. Plus, we had outdoor movies at night which I really enjoyed.

Camera: Canon EOS M10. My survivor camera which miraculously resurrected from dead. A few weeks ago, it got soaked in milk, washed it with water, then placed it in a bag of rice. Now it’s back to life!!! Maybe I should call him R, you know from Warm Bodies (2013 zombie movie).

Editing Software:  Windows Movie Maker.  Though it has no split screens, no overlays, and no up-to-date effects, this most basic editor works fine, especially for beginners.

Song: I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis. In deciding which music to use, I usually pick three songs with different tempos: Slow, Mid, Fast. I then choose base on the shots. Too bad I heard Betty Who’s version of this song weeks after our video was published.


Hope you got some ideas for your next travel. *curtsies*


PS: Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more travel and lifestyle vlogs. xoxo


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