DIY Projects: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Bad at scrapbooking? Here are some ideas I compiled for you (and me).


If you love scrapbooking but have no space to store stickers, stamps, scissors, punchers, colored pens, papers, laces, wires, and a lot more, then digital scrapbooking might work for you. Just compile and scan photos, go online, order your album and wait for it to be delivered right at your doorsteps. We’ve been getting ours from Photobook Worldwide.




Do you collect sand and dirt – and the happy memories with it? Just label them properly and keep them out of children and clumsy adults’ reach.

Sand jar 1

You can try this too. Spill-proof and needs just a little amount of sand.



If you’re like my husband who seems very much attached to his shirts, this might work for you.



Keeping memorabilia of events and trips has never been this easy. Say good bye to scrapbooks that can’t seem to hold that Ice Cream spoon (I tried including that once) or that impossible-to-stick Royce Plastic Bag.

FI DIY Blogmartha book case 2


Count your blessings daily. Keep photos, movie tickets, or even note cards all in one place. Write down both small and big wins. Open your grateful jar on New Year’s Eve, and take time to remember how good the year has been.

grateful jar


We made one for our little Prince to be opened on his 21st birthday. 


But basically, put anything that will give your child a glimpse of what happened when he was born – ultra sound photos or clips, hospital bills, first set of clothes, first pair of shoes, first toy, newspaper or magazine, first family photo, photo of his first home and a lot more.

Making memories,


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